With over 45 years of experience, Novex can take the stress and worries out of importing and exporting products from the renowned engineers of Northern Italy and the surrounding areas, overcoming frustrating language barriers and culture differences, giving a trouble free service to English speaking countries worldwide. Our enquiries are far reaching both in the nature of the products and their location, touching on a vast and varied range of requests. No matter what your requirement, or your location, at Novex our comprehensive global sourcing infrastructure, based in Italy, will source and deliver your needs effortlessly.









At Novex we have a wealth of experience in dealing with an ever increasing range of products for a constantly widening customer base. We are supplying products from around Italy including Machinery and components, to ironmongery and tools, raw natural materials and even food, in container or pallet quantities. We then arrange shipping by road, sea or air as well as compile all needed certification, customs documents and finally sending a Bill of Lading to confirm the goods are safely on their way.


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    Agricultural Products

    • Sawn timber and chipboard with specified finishes
    • Natural stone slabs and finished articles to customer specification
    • Cement and screed compounds edging strip
    • Fiberglass mesh
    • Table tops
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    Automotive Products

    • Wheels and Tyres
    • Pumps and gearboxes
    • Cultivation tines and wear points
    • Hay machinery components & spares
    • Screw jacks & Brake components
    • Loading ramps
    • Wheel trims & truck side skirts
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    Cleaning Products

    • Specialist cleaning machinery and tools
    • Chemicals and specialist long reach cleaning products
    • Laundry trolleys
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    • Specialist work boots
    • Workwear
    • Hosiery
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    Custom Products

    • Components for machinery manufacturers
    • Vehicle seats & medals
    • Roofing Systems
    • Poultry Equipment
    • Egg sorting machines
    • Spray guns & hole saws
    • Chains & plastic containers
    • Hand tools for building industry
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    • Hinges
    • Sliding door gear for industrial doors
    • Furniture
    • Cabinet accessories and handles
    • Wooden articles and locks
    • Drawer runners
    • Flushing systems
    • Taps
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    Agricultural Machinery

    • Flail Mowers
    • Trailers
    • Post drivers
    • Fertilizer-Distributors
    • Haymaking Equipment
    • Tractors
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    Industrial Hardwear

    • Purpose built fans and pumps
    • Wear parts for excavation machinery
    • Machinery tracks and complete undercarriage
    • Vacuum cleaners
    • Drain pipe connectors
    • Hydraulic valves
    • Industrial Axle assemblies
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    Paper Products

    • Regular container loads of paper products
    • Hand towels and wipes for specific applications
    • Bespoke diaries
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    Domestic Products

    • Hose reels for industrial and horticultural applications
    • Hand tools and replacement parts  
    • Piano components
    • Sand Paper
    • Scissors
    • Dentist tools and compounds
    • Pens and crayons
    • Paint
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    Food Products

    • Processed food in cans and aseptic packaging
    • To customers specification
    • Labelling
    • Eatable seaweed from controlled harvested sites
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    • CNC woodworking machines
    • Floor cleaning
    • Grinding machines
    • Pipe bending
    • Steel rolling machines
    • Fruit processing
    • Tyre changing machinery
    • Generators & water cannons
    • Vending & printing Machines
    • Backpack sprayers


We have an enviable reputation for providing professional and efficient service to our international client base, sourcing high quality products and ensuring reliable deliveries around the globe thanks to the stringent choice of trusted partners. At Novex we understand the importance of having confidence in your supplier, and knowing your goods will be delivered on time and on spec. From sourcing products, supplying samples, negotiating deals and finally delivering goods to your door, we can free up your staff to do what they are good at in selling products and driving your business forward. If you need reassurance of a global partner based in the heart of Europe, in place to source the items your business needs, contact Novex Today.


  • As an agriculture manufacturing company in Australia, we have found Novex Group, an exceptional business to work with.
    They are excellent at sourcing of components and management of shipments, which relieves a large amount of pressure from purchasing department.
    Novex Group has great follow-up systems that help us keep track with our ordering and they help remove the distance and language barriers.
    I would highly recommend Novex Group to partner with.



  • In 2010, we were having difficulty with supply of quality Italian products, so we approached Novex with the question – could they assist in supplying these products out of Italy?
    Edward assured me they could, and after a few short weeks we had our first order on the way.
    Novex made the process seamless and stress free, sourcing the products, arranging delivery in the quickest and most cost effective manner and providing all paperwork and shipping documents on time so there were never any delays during the customs clearance process.
    In the 5 years since, Novex has continued to be our No. 1 supplier of Italian products with nearly 100 orders behind us.
    They are professional, efficient and extremely helpful, and their local knowledge of the Italian culture and language has been invaluable in assisting us with sourcing quality European products at very reasonable pricing.
    I have enjoyed our journey together so far, and will continue to enjoy this developing relationship as we move forward and broaden our product range.
    If you are looking for a reliable supplier of any manner of European goods, I would highly recommend Novex. Contact Edward or Clive and they will have you sorted in very short time!


  • Thank you for your excellent service once again in taking the burden off our shoulders in arranging all the importing for us from the Far East. This has all been accomplished in the shortest space of time, and the goods arrived in perfect condition. Well done, and we will use your services again in the future!

    Kind Regards,